Did you know that takeaway wins out as the best footy food and is the number one solution to feeding your mates? And forgetting about cutlery is something we can get behind. Let us deliver up a Storm to make sure you get filled with the good stuffs on game day.


Sausage roll
This bad boy is a footy staple ‘cause it’s good snacking food. Kudos to puff pastry, one of several food Gods, for wrapping itself round some sausage mince for protection (and taste, duh).

Where to get them? - Auras, Eastern Heights QLD - https://www.eatnow.com.au/restaurant-14824/Auras.html

Hot chips
Hot chips, French fries, or chippies. No matter what you call them, the end result is always the same: serious GOODness. Enjoy these with tomato sauce, gravy, salt, vinegar … whatever your lil’ heart desires.


Where to get them? - Big fella's Fish and Chips, Merrimac QLD - https://www.eatnow.com.au/restaurant-5413/Big-Fellas-Fish-and-Chips.html

Hot dogs
Nothin’ like a good ol’ snag sitting in some bread with some sauce, mustard and caramelised onion. Hot dogs have been around since 1870 for a legit reason.

Where to get them? - Kebab Club, Edensor Park NSW - https://www.eatnow.com.au/restaurant-2345/Kebab-Club.html

A healthier option doesn’t have to be less tasty. You heard us, healthy + finger food = still tasty!

Where to get them? - Chop Chop Sushi, Redcliffe QLD - https://www.eatnow.com.au/restaurant-15366/Chop-Chop-Sushi-Japanese-Restaurant.html

Meat pie
Nothing says Straya and sport more than a good old meat pie. Chow down on this classic cause it was born for moments like this.

Meat Pie

Bonus time! You need a drink to wash your food down and nothing really compares to watching the game with an ice-cold bevvy.


Where to get them? - These fine establishments in Sydney deliver to your door - https://www.eatnow.com.au/sydney/alcohol/delivery.html


Of course, you can always chow down on some pizza on game day – or anything else your lil’ heart desires. Order now.