The Internet can’t stop talking about how amazingly nutso Miss Swift is in her latest video, and it’s because every single one of us can relate. We know this struggle, it is real and it is universal. Not the “shockingly attractive rich boy broke my heart” struggle, the “I am so freakin’ hungry I am going to smash an Aston Martin with a golf club if I don’t get a burger” struggle.

You guys… Taylor is just hangry!

“Blank Space” just means the empty feeling in her tummy.

See look how sweet and charming she is when she has food.

Everything is perfect, cakes and bon bons abound.

But then Prettyboy Fancypants has to go and ruin it all by eating the last of everything.

“What the hell, guy?!”

Time passes, her aggravatingly speedy metabolism gets out of control. Naturally, hunger takes hold…

Every tiny thing becomes inexplicably aggravating until Taylor snaps.

But she can’t work out why she feels this way. This isn’t normal, remember how sweet she was in the beginning? Maybe she’s going crazy?

Nope, nope. Just hangry. It hurts so bad.

Order the girl some food Fancypants! Quick, before she destroys your car!

What even is this? This isn’t enough food. It doesn’t count. It might settle her on the outside but can’t you see she’s still seething with rage?! Get her something substantial. Geez!

Cake? You mean you had food for her the entire time? Fancypants, you’re the crazy one. Watch as she takes her anger out on the food. That is directed at you, mate.

Thank god! That oddly juicy cake has sated her and her rage gently subsides. She might be smiling, but remember those crazy eyes. They’re coming for you if you rob her of food again.

Don’t let there be a blank space in your tum. Order online now.