We’re not going to beat around the bush. The day after a big night is T O U G H. We’ve been there and we know you’ve been there, too. To help make the day after a little more bearable, let ‘present us’ help out ‘future you’ with our tried and tested (and scientifically researched) big night recovery tips.

More alcohol

Drinking more alcohol is actually scientifically proven to keep a hangover at bay (for a little while). It’s no cure, but it will have you managing a little better – that’s probably all you care about in a dire situation like this.


Get a drink from: Knock Knock Booze There, West End, QLD


Big breakfast

Big night = big breakfast. There’s nothing quite like a protein boost from eggs and some delicious greasy bacon any day of the week, but especially after a big one. If you’re not keen on eggs, don’t even worry cause word on the street is a bacon sandwich can cure the effects of a big night. You basically just served an excuse to eat a sandwich filled with bacon without judgement. What are you waiting for?

big brekky

 Order a big breakfast here: Lakeside Cafe, Oakden, SA


Coconut water and Coke

Look, water is great for getting you hydrated to your pre-big night levels, but it just doesn’t help take away much of the post-big night pain. To get a kick-start, start sipping on a Coca-Cola followed by small sips of coconut water. You’ll be feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model* in no time with all those electrolytes floating round.

coconut drink and coke

Add a coconut water and Coke to your cart when you order Thai: Abb Air Thai Cuisine 1982, Sydney CBD, NSW


Fried chicken

Another excuse to indulge in a protein-packed fry-up without judgement. Need we say more?

fried chicken

Just order a bucket of this stuff – if you can’t finish it, your roomies will: Kitchen 520, Melbourne, VIC

*We can only promise you’ll feel like a VS model, not look like one.