Gorgeous artwork, an excuse to sneak fruit into dinner and a smart, but ancient cooking and serving dish, are just some of the reasons Tajine is Queen. Cooked and traditionally served in elegantly crafted terracotta pots, this style of succulent, aromatic stew will have you hooked before you even lift the lid.

With a rainbow of varieties evolving from the traditional clay pot stews of North Africa, a Tajine
(or tagine) combines delicate slow cooked meat, with intense spices, and the perfect blend of traditional fruits and vegetables to present a hearty, rich and fragrant stew, perfect for a winter night at home.

Cooked in the traditional, and often handpainted, terracotta pot from which they take their name, Tajines are beautiful inside and out. The cone-shaped  lid lets steam return to the dish building flavours and aromas so intense, you’ll struggle to stop eating after you’re full.

This shape also helps the stew to keep its moisture, making for bafflingly tender lamb, beef, chicken or fish. Meanwhile, prunes, apricots, lemon, or sultanas soften and sweeten as they stew adding sugar and tang to the vegetables and meat.

The brilliance of tajine doesn’t stop at these incredible stews. Another tasty North African dish shares the name, meaning you could easily feast on an entire meal of Tajine tastiness.

Tunisian Tajine, is closer to a frittata with chicken than an aromatic stew. Fluffy egg, and strong spices combine to create perfect squares of protein perfection that make a great starter for your supper safari.

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