Forget BBQs on Bondi Beach, chowing down on a Golden Gaytime, camping in the middle of the bush with damper and a Chicko Roll, or whatever everybody else associates with Australia.

Isn't is more entertaining to show every other country that our amazing animals have no chill whatsoever?

They're adorable, but total jerks.

Like this possum who broke into a bakery and isn't even sorry. 

Or these kangaroos demonstrating just how rough it is growing up in the 'burbs.

The ocean's not safe either, as this crab would probably tell you (may he rest in peace).

Seafood can be scary, man.

You can always look to the skies for comfort, because our majestic magpies have nothing but respect for humans.

Unless you're on a bike. Or it's September.

At least the big birds are less stressful to come across....

Oh, wait.

Wombats are cute though, especially when they dump your clean washing all over the floor. Jerk.

 And just when you thought your job was secure...

"Good afternoon, this is Bird speaking. Please hold."

So you'll have to find another 9-5, but there's always pizza.