Crispy, cheesy, herb filled, pillowy balls of rice. Have you ever eaten anything so blissful?

These orange pockets of goodness are so perfectly handheld and bite sized that they are the the greatest grub guest at any event ( or a date with your computer and the couch.)

A mixture of rice, herbs, bolognese or garlic cream sauce and the stringiest mozzerella your lips ever touched, these petite parcels of perfection are crumbed ( with stardust, we’re guessing) and fried ( in unicorn tears, probably) to form the most magical mixture of mouthwatering ingredients that ever did grace this green earth.

These awesome little appetisers are more moreish than Pringles ( once you pop you can’t stop- and then you have to cry a little when you run out) and tastier than your most delicious dreams. Get one ( or ten) delivered and the only thing you’ll regret is not doing it sooner. At the end of the day, these splendid spheres of scrumptiousness can really only be described in one way: Amazeballs.


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