With awards season almost over, it’s clear that there are a few categories all of the award givers have somehow forgotten (let’s be real, they were probably just too hungry to think.)

Food does so much for so many films, driving delicious decisions, creating scrumptious settings for scenes, and even sometimes, taking the role of the true hero of the film.

These and all the other tasty truths about food in film make more than enough reason to recognise the meals and their makers with some sort of honour. At the very least someone deserves a sparkly pint-sized statue.

It’s time for some new categories for films food favourites, starting with these:

Best Actor/Actress In A Hangry Role

This award recognises excellence in portraying this most complicated of human emotions. Judges examine the conviction of behaviour during a hangry episode and once the character comes into contact with pizza or other comfort food.

There is none hangrier for takeaway dessert (or an Oscar) than Leo

Best Foreign Language Food

This award recognises the foreign film which brought the freshest perspective to filmmaking that year. Judges consider the cultural uniqueness of the dish as well as its importance to the plot or development of the film.

Best Edible Effects

This awards recognises excellence in food presentation and preparation for the screen. Takeaway and fresh produce display poorly under the necessary lighting. Judges examine the skill with which set dressers are able to restore the real life allure of tasty treats.

Not only do the chicken and potatoes look delicious, but instant appearance of it is mouthwatering

Best Original Menu

This award highlights the creativity and consideration taken with selecting meals to appear within a film. Judges examine how the foods combine to provide a menu that supports the story telling.

Best Animated Meal

This award recognises the ability of animators to create surreal food that elicits real world appetite responses. Judges examine the grandeur and desirability of the animated foodstuffs from curry to carbonara.

We know a strawberry is not technically a meal, but this little guy is too deliciously cute to ignore.

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