Sliders are essentially burger cupcakes

Garlic can save almost any savoury dish. Garlic is like photoshop for food.

Hamburgers are neither ham nor from a fortified settlement (a burg)

Potato is like the little black dress of dinner. You can never go wrong with potato.

Spaghetti and noodles: 2 cousins attending the same school, desperately trying to make people believe they’re not related.

You should always feel good about yourself after eating rice. You just ate like 2,000 of something in one go.

They should teach pizza in geometry. It’s a round food, cut into triangles, served in a square.

Larb (laap, larp, laab lahp) is like the supervillain of spelling bees

Prawns are great at pretending to be big– then you peel them. Prawns are the push up bras of the sea

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