Today is Britney Day. It’s the day we celebrate the queen of cravings in all her fabulousness and reaffirm our love of all things fried and salty.

To commemorate her achievements, here are the top 8 times Britney has championed takeaway in the name of food fans world wide.

Britney’s ready. Let’s do this.

1) The time she offered this profound answer to the reason behind all life’s choices

2) The time she reacted like this when someone asked her to share 

3) The time she stood up to professional meanie, Simon Cowell, and justified the behaviour of food people everywhere

4) The time she completely validated any and all weird food excitement faces we might pull

5) The time she collectively read the minds of the universe and said what we were all thinking

6) The time she busted out the world’s best “the food is coming” dance 

7) The times she totally didn’t care the paparazzi would know exactly where to find her

8) The time she set herself up for, then totally embraced, this


Celebrate Britney day like the legend herself and order your favourite food now.