A hamburger is happiness between two buns. Soft, juicy and just the right amount of saucy, a good burger can make all our problems disappear for six blissfully delicious minutes. But burgers have powers beyond transporting us to patty paradise.

Check out this bite-sized collection of burger facts that are almost as amazing as burgers themselves.

Cheesy But True

Burgers Save Lives:

In 2003, Ironman and former burger loving bad boy, Robert Downey Jr. had a beef-piphany when he ate a burger so bad it made him question his not-so-sensible life choices. He immediately quit partying and cleaned up his act.

Burgers Are Propaganda Gold:

Politicians have repeatedly tried to use burgers to get their citizens on side (and not by offering free burgers, which would totally work).

During World War I the U.S. government renamed burgers “liberty sandwiches,” to remove the reference to the German city of Hamburg. Deliciously patriotic.

More than 80 years later, Korean leader Kim Jong Il would claim he invented the burger because, well, no one would dare say otherwise.

Burgers Can Be The Start Of Something Big:

Many famous people got their first job working in burger places, including Rachel McAdams, Jay Leno and Shania Twain.

Well, Burger Me!

Burgers Make Economics Edible

The world’s top economists judge the relative purchasing power of a country based on how many Big Macs could be bought in that country with $50 USD.

This Big Mac Index is so important, the Argentinian Government forced McDonald’s to sell Big Macs at falsely low prices, so the country would look good on this index.     

Burgers Are Tasty 24/7

Burgers are so popular and easy to get that every second of every day someone, somewhere is buying a burger.

Burgers – They’ll Cure What Ails Ya

In 1888 an English doctor named Salisbury wrote a book that promoted a diet limited to burger patties and gravy three times a day. This was the world’s first (and probably tastiest) fad diet.

Lettuce Try It

Burgers Can Reach Epic Proportions

The world’s largest burger was prepared in 1982 and weighed almost 1629 kilos. That’s 10,000 people worth of deliciousness.

Burgers Can Clean Out Your Bank Account

The most expensive burger ever bought cost $10,000 USD. It was made of Wagyu beef, truffles, edible gold leaf and jambon iberico, a delicacy of cured meat made of Spanish pigs fed exclusively on acorn.

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