7 things they don’t tell you when you start a diet

Tempted to diet? We sure aren’t. But, when it comes to the latest and greatest diet doing the rounds, we have to admit we’re always a little bit curious. Why? Cause we want to be on the front foot just in case it’s the diet to end all diets.

But, before you embark on any diet, you should get a few things straight. Here’s seven things people don’t tell you before you start a diet:

1. That cheat meal

So, you’ve embarked on a diet and, one meal in, you’re ready to give up. The cheat meal will carry you through the week and the weeks following. Think of it as a reward for being good.  

cheat meal

2. Mood schmood

There’s no way to sugar coat this, you’re not going to be yourself at the start. The feeling of constant hunger and avoidance of caffeine and sugar is going to change you. Just try not to quit the carbs, it might be the only thing keeping you as sweet as pie.


3. It could cost you

Don’t join a diet cult. We’re serious, it could cost you an arm and a leg. Think twice before you sign up to the latest craze that involves having a desert sand superfood supplement shipped out from Africa*.


 4. Don’t fly solo

Support is going to help you through it so why not do it with a friend or colleague? That person will stop you reaching for chocolate and motivate you to stick with it. Don’t compare your results to your pal’s cause everyone is different, you are you and no one else.


5. Learn to ignore the smell of food

The scent of bacon will probably make you go wild. You could kill someone over a little rasher of bacon. Our advice? Avoid places that will get you into trouble.


6. Patience is a virtue

In all realness, you’re not going to reach your goal by day three. Quick fixes aren’t good fixes, so stick with a healthy diet cause the reward is … rewarding.


*EatNow takes no responsibility for people consuming sand.

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