When you think of Australian dishes, what do you think of? Meat pies, fish and chips, sausages or burgers with beetroot? You might be surprised to know that our multiculturalism is showing in our favourite food choices because our takeaway legends have moved beyond the previously mentioned foods to things much more exotic.



Pizza might hail from Italy (and America, cause let’s be honest, they truly perfected it), but Aussies don’t think twice, it’s the number one most popular takeaway food ordered. Pizza has a lil pizza of all our hearts. We pretty much like all pizzas, but the ones we order most are margherita, hawaiian, meat lovers and supreme.  


Butter chicken

There are rumours that this isn’t even a dish eaten in India and that it was a westernised dish for Australians to enjoy. We don’t care, we love it.

butter chicken

Pad see ew

And you thought we were going to say pad Thai, didn’t you? We sure do love that dish (and it’s definitely in the top 10), but apparently, we love pad see ew just as much. Why? Well, we don’t actually know (apart from the seriously good taste).

pad see ew

Fried rice

We love Chinese food but some of us are divided on our favourite Chinese meals. One thing we’re not divided on however is our love of fried rice. In fact, no order is complete without it.

fried rice 


Sushi might be pretty popular when it comes to Japanese food, but so are dumplings. These will have you wonton more.  



Sometimes you just want a good old classic homely meal – without having to put in the work. We understand, because we deliver tonnes of carbonara and Bolognese to homes round the country. Pasta la vista, baby!



While we might not be that fond of soup (or any meal in liquid form … we like to CHEW), we do have a love affair with pho. In soup’s defence, pho has noodles, protein and vegetables so it’s practically a meal, but at the end of the day, we order it for the broth, because it’s so damn fine.


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