Dressing our furry friends up as food for Halloween is total pawfection. It’s adorable and it lets us celebrate our two greatest loves: our best friend and our best feeds.

But our puppy pals may not be quite so cool with it. Spare a thought for what the other food fan in your life might be thinking. If you’re not sure, here are a couple of best guesses at how some costumed critters might feel about their get-ups.

Look At This Small Fry

“Mum, it’s too small. I wanted to be super sized.”

Nacho Business What He Wants To Wear

“No, THIS is what I’m wearing and we’re not gunna taco ‘bout it anymore.”

Noodles Are For Poodles

“I wanted to be the baked pug-ato!”

Let’s Be Frank…

“You think we’re only worth 50c each? That’s a bit ruff.”

She Wanted To Be Macaroni And Fleas

“Do I look like a tramp in this outfit?”

Someone Was Excited To Show Off His Buns

“You’re STILL not ready? Burger it, we’ll just stay home.”

Perhaps you should just eat your favourite dish and let your pup be a pirate instead? Order online now.