Over the past few weeks, something incredible has happened. In case you missed it (i.e. if you haven’t been outside during daylight hours), it’s spring. The weather is better, the days are longer, events and day trips are on your mind and of course, it’s a great time to eat food outside. If hayfever is the only downside to these all round great months, we’d call that a first world problem.


Coming into spring means we can wash and fold our onesie, and put it away for another eight months. We can start wearing t-shirts again and look heaps skinnier thanks to not being wrapped up in six layers of swaddling.


The days are longer

The sun is peeping through our blinds when we wake up (even when we wake up at a respectable 7am – on a good day), and it’s not as dark when we arrive home in the evening. This alone gives us a tonne of optimism for summer, which is right around the corner.  

days longer


Beach days, rainforest treks and winery trips are back on the agenda, but it’s also just very enjoyable to attend festivals and markets, not to mention Melbourne Cup. Hey, did we mention footy finals?



Gardens are full of greenery and blossoming flowers. What a time to be alive.



All of the above reasons bring us to our fifth but most important one. Food is pretty enjoyable in spring. It’s a great excuse to have a date out with your takeaway because you can actually enjoy sitting outdoors (providing you’ve dosed up on your antihistamines, nasal sprays and eye drops). Better still, invite the fam but whatever you do, don’t cater your own picnic, that’s what EatNow is for.



Make the most of Spring and order from these restaurants: