You’re hungry. You need food and you need it delivered to you stat. You want to avoid every reason to think (it’s hard when your brain is starved of food) and you want to eliminate every possible mistake that could stop your food from getting to you.

The Telcos are not with you on this crusade. If anything, the phone call has just become your natural enemy.

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We all laugh at our dads when they say they want “the faj-eyetas” and “the na-choss” for dinner, so it’s pretty safe to say your mates are stifling sniggers when you ring up to order something with a difficult name. So save yourself from the social anxiety that has you practicing how to pronounce quinoa or dolmades every time you order.   

If you're not great at Thai pronunciations, own it and just order online.

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Misheard Orders:

15 dumplings makes sense for two of you. 50 dumplings, while an awesome challenge, does not happy tummies make. The difference between no anchovies and more anchovies shouldn’t depend on the quality of your phone reception. No matter how many times you repeat yourself, the threat of a misunderstanding could always make takeaway night less than tasty.

This would be less cute if you were expecting immediately edible food.

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Misheard Addresses:

Your neighbours might not be expecting two carbonaras and a garlic bread, but that doesn’t mean they won’t claim it if it rocks up at their door ( let’s be honest, you’d be mad not to at least THINK about doing the same). Don’t run the risk of your dinner’s destination being derailed by a misheard street number.   

Poor delivery guy, it wasn't his fault he was given the address for four houses up.

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Awkward Silence:

You’re not going out for dinner because you want to be comfortable, relaxed, yourself. Why, then, would you make a phone call that allows for the gut wrenching dead air that would make even the most confident caller quake in their boots?  We know it’s hard to think on your feet when you’re hangry, so don’t put yourself in a position where you need to wit to react.

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Awkward Endings:

Remember in grade 2 when you called your teacher Mum? This is like setting yourself up for that kind of embarrassment every takeaway night. With the threat of an automatic “bye, I love you,” or a response of “you too” to “enjoy your meal,” so much stronger when you’re starving, your confidence faces brutal attack, every time you dial the phone.

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Stop the insanity! Use a computer or even the apps ON your phone to send a precise list of what you want and the exact address you need it delivered to. Flip off Alexander Graham Bell and the other phone call loving phoneys and embrace the future and the sweet, sweet cheesey fries it has to offer. Order online now.