“Behind every great person is a great pizza.”

It’s not as widely used as its sister saying, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less true. Let’s stop taking pizza for granted and pause to truly appreciate what pizza has so selflessly done for each and every one of us.

Pizza Is Great At Teaching You Fractions

8 slices = 8/8 so 4 slices equals ½ and 4/8. So 4/8 = ½!

Pizza Is The Best Introduction To Budgeting

“If I eat 6 slices now, I will have 2 slices left for breakfast. YES!”


Pizza Helps You Gain Excellent Time Management Skills

“Let’s order the pizza now, then we have time to choose a movie and bake the cookies so they’re ready once the pizza’s gone.”

Pizza Develops Your Decision Making Skills

“23 flavours? But I only have room for one. “

Pizza Is Motivational

“If I just get through this last spreadsheet then I can order a pizza.”

Get on track for success and order pizza now.