The internet caught a case of the hangries when it learned you can now order pizza with vegemite and cheese crusts. In honour of Australia day this radical recipe has been unleashed to help celebrate all that is good and tasty about this most delicious of national days.

But while you‘re donning your Australian flag thongs and readying your “made in Australia” temporary tattoos we’ll be mourning the loss of the other potential new holiday treats that didn’t quite make it to the menu this year.

Here’s the list of the top aussie takeaways that could have been, but never were.

Lamington Dessert Pizza

Just as Aussie and arguably even more delicious, a pizza smothered in thick chocolate sauce with jam, cream and coconut, is enough to make you cry “crikey”.

Party Pies & Sausage Roll Meals

Could you imagine having these delivered to you, crisp and warm with a side of chips and your choice of sauces? Way better than the soggy frozen ones that your mate will pull out of the oven while the barbie is heating up.

Pavlova In A Cone

The ultimate Aussie Dessert (Shhh, New Zelanders, we’re not having this fight right now) but in a handy edible handle. What more could you want?

Parma/Schnitzel Crumbed With BBQ Shapes

These snack biscuits are pretty fair dinkum when it comes to adding flavour and crunch to any breaded coating. Imagine how tasty your schnitzel would be with flavour so big, you can see it?

Sausage Sizzle With A Side Of Damper

There’s no better sausage than one straight off a barbie, but why do the cooking yourself when you can order in and get a traditional aussie side dish to boot?

So whether you celebrate Australia Day with a vegemite crust pizza or a burger with beetroot, spare some hope and national pride for the new aussie treats that we’re hoping might come to be next year. Order online now.