You’re just about to tuck in to some tasty treats, when, suddenly, that delicious looking morsel is hurtling to the floor.  Now you’ve got a huge decision to make, and fast.

Can you recover the floor food or do you have to come to terms with the fact it’s gone?

The judging eyes of others say, “leave it be,” but there is that insistent voice in your head that cries out “five-second rule, five-second rule!” As an adult, you might feel you ignore him, but you’re forgetting, being an adult means you can reject the haters and eat whatever you want.

Here’s why the five-second rule is totally acceptable for adults, to the delight of clumsy people everywhere.


Someone, somewhere put a lot of effort into the delicious mouthful you just dropped. Picking it up, dusting it off and jamming it in your mouth is just a sign that you’re an incredibly respectful and well-mannered human.

Wasting Food Is In Bad Taste

Truly delicious food is one of life’s purest gifts, and throwing it away - unless absolutely necessary - is the biggest insult to whatever forces of the universe conspired to make you lucky enough to have it in your clumsy little hands. Be bigger than those judging you and eat your dropped food as a sign of honest gratitude for your grub.   

Drop Procrastinating, Then Drop Food

If you know your floors are clean, you can happily pick up the food and eat it. If you know you’re going to drop delicious food, you have one of the most compelling reasons ever to keep the floors clean. It’s a win-win.


You’re An Adult, No One (not even Mum) Is The Boss of You

Through very hard work (and the sacrifice that comes with ageing) you have blossomed into a capable, independent human being. With this transition, comes the right to live your life any way you see fit ( as long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing anything super illegal). This means you, and only you, get to say whether it’s ok for you to eat food from the floor. Take advantage of adulthood and eat whatever you want.  

So, go ahead, drop your food and embrace the little voice in your head that cries “five second rule”!

Time to enjoy a dinner without the fear of having to leave dropped bits behind. Order now.