Move over pizza lovers, this guy has your food obsession covered. Dan Janssen has lived off nothing but pizza for the past 25 years of his life.

You’d think he’d know how to not burn his mouth by now.

Most of us love a good pizza more than life itself, but would enter a cheesy tomato zombie state after a couple of weeks. Not Dan the pizza man. Despite being a diabetic, he is reasonably healthy, and still in complete adoration of his special slices.

Dan helps out his pizza bros

You may be thinking, “Yeah, I could do that. There are heaps of different flavours of pizza and I could just mix it up to keep from getting bored.” You may be right, but that certainly is Janssen’s secret. He’s a vegetarian that doesn’t like vegetables, so he is literally eating the exact same thing, a plain cheese pizza, every meal of every day.

Dan’s weekly meals in 2 seconds.

Since a documentary about his diet aired in the states, Dan has become somewhat of a celebrity. Pizza parlours across America have offered him free pizza and his story has spread to the different corners of the globe. Called “American Food Hero” in South Korea, Dan is idolised and held up as an example that disproves the “Western Conspiracy” that a grain based diet is bad for you.

One of Dan’s dedicated followers/stalkers

While his is a rare case, in which someone can so strictly limit their diet and remain in relatively good health, you have to admire his dedication to the thing he loves.

Power to you Dan Jenssen. May the pizza be ever in your flavour.

Dan’s story either has you craving a cheese pizza or absolutely anything else. Either way, you can celebrate Dan and his commitment by ordering your favourite meal now.