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May 2017

Put on your sombrero, dust off your poncho, and shake some margaritas ‘cause it’s Cinco de Mayo and you need to call ‘round your amigos for a moustache-licking, maraca-shaking and finger food-filled Mexican fiesta!

Around 2,000 years ago some full-on legend brought rice to Japan from another land. While we’re schooling you on its origin, another little-known fact is that sushi was originally created as a way to preserve fish, using fermented rice. The more you know.

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This Sunday 28th of May is National Burger Day. A celebration of this kind should be a national holiday, but it's not. Don't even get us started on why it isn't 'cause a burger is the answer to many a problem, like making you happy when you are sad, curing a hangover or helping to prevent the full effects of one at the end of a big night ...