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September 2015

We save you from the hangries, and now we're saving you from a VERY awkward phone call from your Dad. Whether he's just the biggest food fan, or you're looking for a last minute solution - these delicious downloadables will show Dad you love him (almost) as much as food. 

Noses are red;

Fingers are blue;

It's Spring but I'm fluey;

Bring me comfort food.

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Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear buns and barbecue sauce. Find out why Takeaway is the hero earth deserves and the one it NEEDS right now.

Glorious globes of goodness, Arancini are one of the most underrated finger foods to ever come out of Italy. These spherical specimens of scrumminess are just screaming to be tasted again and again and again.

The perfect blend of Asian, Middle Eastern and European deliciousness, Indonesian is a master of dish-guise.


Pizza may have power over you, but it also gives powers back. See the special talents you can thank your tastiest treats for.

Vindaloo isn't the only thing that gives you burning questions about takeaway. Come with us on a journey to solve some of the more munchable mysteries, so you can go back to focusing on the food in front of you.

For a bite with a whole lot of fight, Nasi Goreng is the nice rice that really packs a punch.

Everyone's got their sneaky ways to predict the outcome of a big game. Ours are just a little more... snacky. See how to use pizza for predictions and chips to work out chance.

You guys, it's SATAY SALAD. Enough said.