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November 2015

Brazil’s national dish is every meat-eater’s Mount Everest.

Sometimes people's opinions of takeaway are (almost) as good as getting takeaway yourself.

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Malaysia's Tourism Slogan Is "Truly Asia". It's Right That Their Cuisine Should Be Tagged "Truly Awesome"

Takeaway is tasty to us, but can be not so nice on the tummies of our fluffy friends. See which spills to watch out for and the treats that are tops for your pet.

Just 'cus the weather heats up doesn't mean your passion for spicy food should cool down. Check out our favourite ways of enjoying the spice while the weather is nice.

Char Kway Teow? More like Char Kway WOW!

These very Vegas films are to watch while you're waiting for food, and waiting even harder to WIN our EatNow, Strip Later comp.

Why buy something edible when you can buy something that looks edible but isn't?


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