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July 2014

A common street food in Thailand, Phat Thai (or Pad Thai) became popular in the 1940s after the Thai government discouraged domestic consumption of rice – one of Thailand’s key exports.
Fabled to have been created for a VIP restaurant patron in Delhi, an Indian takeaway menu wouldn’t be complete without the classic Murgh Makhani AKA Butter Chicken.

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Sometimes ordering takeaway is just the safest/easiest/kindest thing to do.

Welcome to the Nom-monwealth Games, where we pit favourite against favourite in the ultimate takeaway showdown.

If you like a little comedy with your curry or a laugh with your laksa then try not to spit out your food as you review our list of the funniest takeaway names from across the globe.

Mexico’s cuisine, like it’s culture, is a vibrant celebration of colour, with just the right hint of spice. But, like all cuisines there are some watch-outs for those looking for options that are little nicer than naughty.

So, check out our quick guide to ordering a healthier Mexican takeaway while enjoying the flavours you love.