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November 2014

To celebrate Britney day, let's recognise her commitment to takeaway and empowering food fans around the world.

Without food we all become deranged pop stars. See the undeniable proof Taylor Swift's insane character in the "Blank Space" music video is actually all of us without our takeaway.

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Sometimes there's nothing harder than deciding on a pizza when you're hungry. Now you don't have to, Australia has done it for you.

You don't need to learn to act when you're really passionate about food. See how reactions to takeaway have pretty much made Rachel McAdams' career.

Brilliantly bite-sizes bits of burger trivia that will make you love these bun built beauties even more.

Behind every great person, is a great pizza. Pizza is so good at helping you be successful, that you don't even notice it contributing. Become aware, and appreciate your pizza for all that it has helped you become.

Once ranked 30th most delicious food in the entire world, the rice paper roll is a miracle of food minimalism. Fresh, crisp and light, there is little else that can delight your mouth with such wonderful simplicity.


Pizza is patient. Pizza is kind. Pizza is never having to say you're sorry. There are many ways pizza is superior to other people, this list is just a few of them.

Christmas is a time for giving - gifts and important constructive criticism alike. Gently remind friends and family that Christmas dinner might best be left to the professionals, with these thoughtful presents.