Your reaction to food is visibly intense.


You sometimes forget food isn’t actually a person.


You trust food more than people.


In fact, food is not only your sustenance; it’s an advisor and confidant.


That’s why you often let food speak for you,


And help you make important choices.


Just seeing food gives you an immediate high,


And lack of it causes a wrath that hangry doesn’t even come close to describing.


Food has no shortcomings. It is you who is not good enough.


Like, sometimes your body can’t quite keep up with the intensity of your desire for food.


Normal conventions don’t apply to you,


But that’s OK, ‘cus the haters don’t even phase you.


When you’re not eating, you’re thinking about the next time you get to eat.


Which is why you scrolled through this quickly, so you could get back to what’s really important.

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