Halloween is catching on here but it’s not everyone’s thing (please send your free lollies our way if you don’t want them). This is probably because everyone in Oz is already scared out. 24/7 we have to deal with threats of snakes, spiders, fires and beer that gets warm before you can finish it, so it’s pretty safe to assume kids in mummy masks and Frankenstine themed donuts at Coles aren’t exactly going to thrill us.

But in the spirit of the season, we have devised a list of things that are frightening for sure.

  • Friends who think it’s ok to split the cost evenly when they ordered (and ate) the most.

  • Your order comes to $17.85 and all you have is $17.60

  • Exploded sauce packets

  • When your housemate is on the new “filtered air only” diet and you can’t reach the minimum order on your own.

  • Unexpected chili

  • “Sorry, they don’t do half and half”

  • Pizza delivery drivers that ring the doorbell at the most intense part of your movie

  • Ordering and then realising there was a 15% off coupon code hidden in THIS blog post

  • “Sorry, I’ve only got change for thirty.”

  • Friends who don’t pay and expect everyone else to cover them.

  • Unexpected anchovies

  • “Is off-brand cola ok?”

  • Having to cook


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