Lately, there has been a lot of talk about what things were like 100 years ago. Of course, life was really different, and this didn't exclude the food we viewed as our most scrumptious snacks. In those days, our plates looked almost unrecognisable. There were no plastic takeaway containers, no pizza boxes and the nights off cooking were few and far between.

A Pie Cart preserved from the early 1900s

Our country has grown in many ways since then, which, luckily for us means that our tastes and options have be blown wide open to welcome the fantastic flavours from the world around us.

In that time people were much more focused on the home. Almost all households had a parent/ spouse that remained home from work to concentrate on things like cooking and cleaning for their families. All activities were centered on the local community, so people didn't have long commutes, or to ferry their children about for various after school activities. In short, people had more time (and let's face it, energy) to spend on cooking.

A cookbook published in 1914

Today, even households with a stay at home parent are busier than ever, with appointments and classes and obligations that people couldn't have imagined a century ago all taking up the energy and willingness to test out the old cook book. So how has this need for fast feasting and the influx of migrants from all over the world changed the takeaway tastescape of the last 100 years?

A century ago, takeaway was virtually unheard of. Fish and chip shops and Pie Stands were the best place to get a quick bite. If you happened to live near a Chinese settlement, you could always pickup some beef and black bean, but only if you BYO saucepan to carry it home in. There were no pizza parties, you couldn't grab curry in a hurry and asking for a pad thai would just see you getting a lot of crazy looks.

Chinese restaurant circa 1914

We have plenty to be thankful to our forefeasters for, and these "new" foods are just some of them. Here's a rough timeline of the development of the Aussie takeaway scene:

Burgers 1930s

Spaghetti 1940s

Pizza 1960s

Mexican 1960s

Japanese  and South East Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian) 1970s

Indian 1980s

American Barbecue 2000s

So show your thanks to those who came before you and ate their way through a time where the most exotic treat you could get was a Chico Roll. Choose a new food and order online now.