Going out is amazing... sometimes. Other times, the call of your bed is way too strong and your desire to deal with other human beings is way too low. There's nothing wrong with that, bed is awesome and tv and takeaway is pretty hard to resist, but how do you score yourself a night in without your well meaning mates hassling you to join in on their party plans.


Don't be like this golf ball- appreciate your home and it's comforts

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The key is to let them down easy. It's not that you don't want to hang out with them personally, you just want to have a relaxing night that involves minimum possible effort. So you need to deliver your excuse carefully.

Don't lie - that would be wrong - but you can always omit parts of the truth that make your excuse a little more socially acceptable.

Here are our favourite, 100% factual excuses, that will help you enjoy your next night in.

  • I already have a date ( with Netflix and a large pizza)

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  • I need to go to Mum's this weekend. She's sick (...and tired of hearing me complain about wishing I could stay home with a Pad Thai and a good book)
  • I have a HUGE day tomorrow (of mentally high-fiving myself for chilling on the couch last night)


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  • I've got work I need to do (My deadline for catching up on the last season of Game Of Thrones is really getting tight)
  • I need to babysit (My couch is only 3 and shouldn't be left at home without a responsible adult)

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  • I feel a bit unwell ( at the thought of having to eat dinner in anything other than my pjs)
  • I have to get up early in the morning (to go to the bathroom and then go back to sleep in the comfort that I didn't have to deal with any people last night)

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  • I promised a friend I'd help him move (half of his pizza into my mouth)
  • I haven't been home this week and my dog needs a really long walk (to the Chinese place and back)
  • I really just need to stay at home with a burger and watch TV (hey, brutal honesty has to work sometimes right?)

Now that you've got your pesky friends off your back, time to settle down for a good meal and a great night in. Order online now