Feeling a little too guilty to have a burger today cos you had one yesterday? We hear you. And we have the perfect solution in the form of sandwiches but not as you know them. These tasty burger alternatives will have you forgetting about burgers in no time!

Grilled pork banh mi

Pho from your local Vietnamese restaurant might have put Vietnamese food on the map for you but have you actually given banh mi a go? Better known as Vietnamese pork roll, it’s perfect for on-the-go. These crunchy rolls are filled with the tastiest and juiciest marinated meats, with fresh salad, hot sauce and that Vietnamese dressing that makes you go gaga. It’s not a burger at all, but you’ll be tricked into thinking it is because the satisfaction is real.

Banh Mi

Order a grilled pork banh mi from Banh Mi & Rolls, Everton Park, QLD

Cheese and tomato toasties

Don’t forget about the good old cheese toastie. If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that melted cheese makes everything better. ‘Nuff said.  


Order a cheese and tomato toastie from The Deck Cafe, Slacks Creek, QLD

Braised beef quesadilla

There are so many reasons to love Mexican food – nachos, burritos and guacamole are just three reasons. Truth be told, many of us overlook the fact that the quesadilla is actually a sandwich. Their take turns the humble sanga into crispy envelopes with yummy fillings like braised beef or pulled pork and chipotle mayo.


Order braised beef quesadilla from Amigo Jim's Cantina Latina, Bondi, NSW

Roast beef sandwich

The best thing about a Sunday roast with corned beef and roast beef are the leftovers for your sandwich the next day. Lucky for you, we can make sure you can get a roast beef sandwich any day of the week, not just on Mondays and not just if there’s leftovers. Less time worrying about keeping leftovers = more time eating!

beef sandwich

Order roast beef sandwich from CJS Sandwich Factory, Moorebank, NSW

Lamb gyros

If your kebab eating adventures are limited to 2am, have you really had a kebab? Enter the Greek food version, affectionally known as gyros, which is meat, salad and chips – yes, chips! – wrapped in pita. If chips in a sandwich wasn’t enough to get you across the line, a love of Mediterranean food like marinated roast lamb or lamb shanks, will get you there.  


Order lamb gyros from Gyros Fix, Canada Bay, NSW

Falafel wrap

So, you’re after something a little lighter? A falafel wrap will do the trick. It’s a top choice for vegetarians and kebab lovers and anyone in between thanks to falafels that are golden and crunchy on the outside, and moist and tasty on the inside. There’s plenty of fresh salad and hummus inside these tasty wraps to ensure you’ll be looked after.

falafel wrap

Order a falafel wrap from Cafe Kebab 258, Prahran, VIC