So, you’ve got a big date this weekend and all the fancy restaurants are booked out. We’re here to tell you that we have (almost) single-handedly saved the day (or night). Let us present you the perfect date night: food, wine, candles (do not forget the candles, and also, do not forget to extinguish the candles), music, and cuddles (if you’re lucky).

There’s plenty of choice to order a smorgasbord of food without leaving the house. Plus, alcohol deliveries make things even easier. Here’s our top 5 dishes to win your date’s heart:

Spinach and mushroom ravioli

Not sure if your date is a vegetarian? No problem, ravioli is a sneaky dish that will make you forget you miss meat. It’s classic and that means it’s classy. Perfect date nosh.

spinach ravioli

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Spaghetti with prawns

There’s nothing more romantic than quietly slurping spaghetti strands. It draws attention to your lips and if you’re sharing from the one plate (which is unlikely, but you never know), you could totally be up for a Lady and the Tramp moment.

spaghetti with prawn

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Beef bourguignon

This dish is the sexiest of all stews with braised beef in red wine. You’re drinking wine so why not have your meal infused with wine?

Beef bourguignon

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Another safe bet if you’re not sure your girl is a vegetarian (or a fussy meat eater). Plus it’s a light meal to ensure you have room left for dessert.


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Chocolate lava cake

Well, this is a little bit ‘extra’, but if you want to impress, you better go all out with one. It’s rich and decadent, and shows that you’re human (because you like chocolate).

chocolate lava cake

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