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Missing the holidays? Let us help you with a virtual vacay on a trip around the world in search of the best noodle dishes. Our slurp-tastic itinerary includes saying konnichiwa to ramen in Japan, stopping off in Thailand for some tasty rice noodles, indulging in Indonesia’s famous egg noodles, chowing down on vermicelli in Vietnam, and getting through a giant bowl of pasta in Italy. 

You’ve only just gone back to work, or maybe you’re one of the lucky few still chilling on the beach, but either way, chances are you’ve slipped up and stopped living that healthy life. Lucky for you, a diet of healthy snacks and food doesn’t have to be hard when you order in. It’s easy to be healthy when you’ve got us for mates to point you in the right direction.

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Another year down and once again, you’re going to regret your decision to party hard. The damage is done, so it’s time to get well versed with the best hangover food. It doesn’t get much better than a greasy feed, but there are a few little dishes that may surprise you as being a hangover cure.

It’s T minus 2 days until 2018 and with it comes all those new beginnings like getting real about your diet and setting those #foodgoals. There’s plenty out there to nom on that doesn’t involve some crazy detox where all you do is drink cranberry juice for 72 hours. Here’s our round up of some healthy dishes that’ll have everyone rushing to be your friend.

Need more motivation cos your diet’s already on its way out? Look no further than these delicious healthy summer soups! You could always order soups like cauliflower soup, vegetable soup, and mushroom soup, but we’ve done the hard work for you in picking out some other winners. 

Christmas is a time for giving and chillin with the fam, but it’s also a pretty great excuse for eating your way into a #foodcoma TBH. Roast turkey and legs of ham are famous on our dinner tables over the silly season, but it’s time to get cultural and see the world – even if your bank account is denying you that round the world trip. Kids, it’s time to see how the rest of the world indulges over the festive season.

Any other time of the year, you’d dream of shopping til you drop but no one has time to drop when there’s this much to be done. Of course, you’re enjoying Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. You’ll want to stay refuelled and energised as you shop, search for coupons, and man your inbox for order confirmations and shipment tracking, so we’ve rounded up the must-have one-handed eats that’ll keep you powering through.

Been naughty or nice this year? Here’s hoping for the latter – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this Secret Santa idea. Only got a budget of $20? Edible gifts are the best kind of gifts, so give your Secret Santa something they really want this year!

Black Friday got you in the mood for a good deal? Just because restaurants don’t participate in the best shopping event of the year, it doesn’t mean you can’t find your deal of the day on EatNow. In fact, you could celebrate Black Friday everyday with daily deals like dinner packs, first timer discounts and freebies! We’re keeping the savings rolling, and rolling, and rolling, so you can get the best bang for your buck.