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Australia’s favourite dish is Pad Thai

Australia’s favourite dish is Pad Thai

Takeaways delivering to Henley Beach Adelaide

Restaurants around Henley Beach Adelaide

According to the 1860 South Australian Register, the coastal Adelaide suburb of Henley Beach was touted as being unencumbered from noxious odours that were problematic in some areas. Today, Henley Beach not only smells fresh, it is home to numerous restaurants that produce great smells and taste when it come to takeaway and delivery dining.

Italian and Indian cuisine, of course, and also a nice mix of Asian, grilled items, seafood, vegetarian and even Vietnamese are there with online menus you can use to browse, customise, order and pay, and then collect or wait for home delivery, thanks to the handy system built by

Does the idea of fresh, chewy crust topped with melted cheese, your choice of sauce and toppings, served alongside a crispy salad and your favourite fizzy beverage arouse your senses at all? Then, you will want to investigate one of Henley Beach's nine choices for pizza, such as La Romana Pizza Bar in nearby Brooklyn Park, where your selections are expertly prepared to your exacting specifications and delivered piping hot and steamy to your door.

Maybe your mood leans more toward the Asian side of the equation. If so, a nice mix of Chinese, Vietnamese and Asian can be yours when you select Asian Taste on Grange Road for Cold Rolls, Roasted Quail or house specialty Crispy Skin Roasted Pork.

Four establishments bill themselves as producing Indian cuisine, so fans will not feel neglected in any way when they use the EatNow system to point, click, eat!

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