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Uncle Rob's Pizza - Croydon

167 Regency Rd, Croydon
Italian Pizza Gluten Free
4:30pm - 9:00pm
4:30pm - 9:00pm
min. delivery
Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Meal Deals

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Uncle Rob's Pizza - Croydon offers meal deals or specials. See the 'Specials' section of the menu for more details.

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Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Uncle Rob's Pizza - Croydon offers meal deals or specials. See the 'Specials' section of the menu for more details.

Uncle Rob's Pizza in Croydon offers the quality and variety that will have you coming back repeatedly. Those with gluten issues will certainly appreciate the gluten free options and everyone else will drool over the delectable crust and generous toppings. Local customers speak very highly of the specialty pizzas and the ribs and pasta. Uncle Rob's Pizza has all the tasty sides to go with your next pizza, including garlic bread, Italian salad and wings. Be sure to try one of the gourmet pizzas for a special treat.

Sunday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Wednesday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Thursday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Friday 4:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturday 4:30pm to 9:30pm
Sunday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Wednesday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Thursday 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Friday 4:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturday 4:30pm to 9:30pm

131 Uncle Rob's Pizza - Croydon Reviews

  • Best pizza this side of town
  • - RENOWN PARK - April 2014
  • Always fantastic :-)
  • - April 2014
  • - ENFIELD - April 2014
  • Very slow last night. An hour and half and then warm pizza. Not to self pick it up Saturday night after football. Still great pizza
  • - BROMPTON - April 2014
  • Best pizzas in Adelaide so much topping its crazy, great service & great value highly recommend.
  • - WEST CROYDON - April 2014
  • great service.great product!
  • - PROSPECT - April 2014
  • Best pizza I've had so far so thick with toppings it's great, awesome value for money highly recommended.
  • - WEST CROYDON - April 2014
  • - ENFIELD - April 2014
  • - CROYDON PARK - April 2014
  • Great
  • - April 2014
  • Got the order wrong and was very rude when I rang up to enquire. They were adamant on simply saying it was fault so basically, "tough luck". Not too keen to go again.
  • - BOWDEN - March 2014
  • Good base, lots of topping and pizza was ready when they said it would be and tasted great too. Also, the price was so good we actually ordered way too much and will now have pizza all weekend! I would definitely choose them again. Only criticism would be that we couldn't find the sizes (eg approx base diameter) on the website.
  • - March 2014
  • Love this place but last night ordered a pizza with no salami paid extra for anchovies & there was maybe 3 anchovies on the whole pizza & not much taste.bit disappointing
  • - March 2014
  • Order was 30 + minutes late
  • - RENOWN PARK - March 2014
  • Seriously PACKED with toppings, good quality ingredients and excellent pricing. Best pizza I've had in Adelaide!
  • - PROSPECT - March 2014
  • - ENFIELD - March 2014
  • Best pizza out
  • - March 2014
  • Great pizza and really great service from the delivery guy after he accidentally forgot part of the order. Definitely going back!
  • - BROMPTON - March 2014
  • Good value, quick service, great every time.
  • - March 2014
  • When ordering Online, there was no option to order the Gluten Free base. In addition, I actually found the pizzas to have too much topping, making them difficult to eat with your hands.
  • - FERRYDEN PARK - March 2014
  • Great pizza, great service, great value. Love this place, thanks Uncle Rob & co. :)
  • - PROSPECT - March 2014
  • beautiful old skool pizzas
  • - RENOWN PARK - March 2014
  • - ENFIELD - March 2014
  • Topping were overcooked. Not my best experience.
  • - BOWDEN - March 2014
  • Delicious pizza with heeps of topping witch fills you up just could be spread out a little more not really a problem tho keep up the good work.
  • - March 2014
  • It may sound churlish, but there was literally too much topping on the pizza, most of which summarily fell off when trying to eat it - in fact, make that all of which summarily fell off... Sad, because otherwise it is good pizza.
  • - WEST CROYDON - March 2014
  • - BROMPTON - February 2014
  • I don't normally eat Pizza, but decided to have one of Rob's Pizzas.....absolutely sensational, you will not find a better Pizza in Adelaide.....the topping was an inch thick and loaded with prawns when I asked for extra.....try rob's and I will GUARANTEE youwill NEVER buy another pizza elsewhere..... Andy Johnson, Regency Rd , Prospect
  • - February 2014
  • Awesome all round!!!
  • - February 2014
  • Always a great pizza and value for money
  • - BROMPTON - February 2014
  • uncle robs special....great!
  • - PROSPECT - February 2014
  • Always impeccable, last night the lads and ladies at Uncle Rob's pulled out all the stops. Staring with a Bacon Special I customised it to an absurd degree and was rewarded with an unctuous, laden gourmet pizza at least equal to the finest I've ever tasted. I'd have happily paid twice the price for degustation of this calibre, but count myself lucky to be within the delivery radius of what is arguably South Australia's finest purveyor of pizza.
  • - KILKENNY - February 2014
  • Best pizza in Adelaide!!! Quick delivery and always hot. Ribs were a bit of a let down though. Overall awesome!
  • - WEST CROYDON - February 2014
  • Great value, fast delivery, taste & flavours awesome!
  • - BROMPTON - February 2014
  • great Pizzas. second friday night ordering their pizzas. YUM
  • - PROSPECT - February 2014
  • The most AMAZING pizza. Have placed three orders in the last month....
  • - PROSPECT - February 2014
  • - February 2014
  • Not good as expected.
  • - WOODVILLE PARK - February 2014
  • exellent
  • - PROSPECT - February 2014
  • Food arrived lovely and hot and was yummy!
  • - CROYDON PARK - February 2014
  • This is the first time I bought from Uncle Rob's Pizza and I was very impressed. It was great value for money, not short of any toppings and the base was delicious! Highly Recommended!
  • Chris - RENOWN PARK - February 2014
  • Pizza is fantastic as always. We won't be ordering the ribs again unfortunately. All bone, and maybe a small bite of meat on each one.
  • Matthew - WEST CROYDON - February 2014
  • Always a great pizza and great value
  • Brian - BROMPTON - February 2014
  • Uncle Rob's is without doubt the best pizza place I've ever encountered. The pizza is second to none, toppings are thick and delicious, and price is comparable to even the poorest competitors. Rob is also very open to feedback and is very friendly too, and one time when I got overcharged, the store rang me to inform me, and subtracted the amount from the cost of my next order. I won't be using the online ordering again though, as the requirement to be available all day to answer a confirmation phone call is just ridiculous.
  • Cain - January 2014
  • EatNow comment: Hi Cain, we would just like to let you know that we do not confirm any orders with our customers via a phone call, instead, we send out a confirmation SMS. Some restaurants do like to call to confirm orders over the phone but that is at their discretion and not in any way a requirement. We do ask, however, that you keep your phone available in case either EatNow or the restaurant need to contact you in case there are any issues with your order. Thank you for understanding. Cheers, EatNow.
  • Always a treat. Get the Chicken Hawaiian with BBQ sauce!!
  • Craig - Ferryden Park - January 2014
  • Mark - ENFIELD - January 2014
  • Ashlea - January 2014
  • Speedy delivery, generous portions (The veal schnitzel is HUGE!!!!) and amazing prices :-)
  • Brooke - RENOWN PARK - January 2014
  • Kimberly - BROMPTON - January 2014
  • Sensational as always!
  • Craig - Ferryden Park - January 2014
  • Fast and very generous on the toppings! Now THAT is a meat lovers! Great work guys!
  • Wade - January 2014
  • Average. You get what you pay for. Very sloppy.
  • Chris - January 2014
  • Uyen - January 2014
  • Excellent. Delivered quickly and piping hot. Ordered Gluten free bases and found them to be of a high standard. The topping on the meatlovers was the most generous i have ever encountered, and the quality of meat used was high. Would recommend to anyone and all.
  • jacqui - PROSPECT - January 2014
  • Ken - January 2014
  • Polly - December 2013
  • always great food
  • cat - PROSPECT - December 2013
  • lucky to get one star , I live less than a km from this business and it took 2 hrs, 2 phone calls and a blatant lie by their staff I received a less than satisfactory meal without even an apology for lateness. Disgusted
  • stacy - SEATON - December 2013
  • Best pizza in western suburbs and great value
  • diana - December 2013
  • as pizza's go, they are pretty good !! I would definitely go uncle robs before pizza hut or dominos!
  • Nicky - December 2013
  • Mark - ENFIELD - December 2013
  • great value for money
  • thomas - renown park - December 2013
  • Kimberly - BROMPTON - December 2013
  • good value
  • greg - PROSPECT - December 2013
  • The better pizza around. We always get a half/half King and its always loaded with toppings....sometimes too over loaded...but always yummy. The staff are really nice and pizza is always ready on time.
  • Caisee - WOODVILLE NORTH - December 2013
  • Excellent always!
  • Katie - FERRYDEN PARK - December 2013
  • Best pizza in the Western Suburbs, speedy service, friendly staff... Highly recommended
  • Todd - December 2013
  • The pizza was great. Loads of great quality toppings that tasted great!! The pizza took 55 mins to be delivered (after I received a text saying it would be delivered in 45 mins) but this was not a huge problem. Great value for money!
  • Genna - December 2013
  • Amanda - BROMPTON - December 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - December 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - November 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - November 2013
  • something wrong with the system I orded a supreme with extras I got an American I orded diet coke and it wasn't in the fridge wings and ribs seam ok but just because its on the menu dosent mean they have it
  • josh - BROMPTON - November 2013
  • Pizzas were all squished up on one side, but tasted really good despite that!
  • Kimberly - BROMPTON - November 2013
  • Shaun - RENOWN PARK - November 2013
  • stacy - SEATON - November 2013
  • First time I've used the website and it made it so easy to order, really really really good pizza and the ribs are amazing. Everything was on time but pizza could have been a bit hotter. Just had to chuck it in the oven for 5 minutes. But that's ok
  • Ashley - OVINGHAM - November 2013
  • Real pizzas
  • Shaun - RENOWN PARK - October 2013
  • Very generous pizza sizes and the topping was piled high. The pizza arrived quickly too. The one less star is because I prefer more sauce on the base.
  • Rachael - October 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - October 2013
  • stacy - SEATON - October 2013
  • Love the rob special
  • Shaun - RENOWN PARK - October 2013
  • jason - October 2013
  • Dear Uncle Rob, please fire whoever you have making pizza tonight. This was the worst pizza I've ever had from you in my six months of loyalty. You charged me $2 for garlic, which I paid willingly, but instead of giving me garlic you gave me anchovies. And for the record, I HATE anchovies. Read. The. Order. To add insult to injury, the gluten free base was soggy and doughy. If this is how it's going to be, I'm ordering Indian from now on. Not impressed.
  • Melinda - October 2013
  • always a good pizza in good time. our local choice ever since we moved into ferryden park
  • Elizabeth - September 2013
  • Fantastic!
  • Becc - September 2013
  • Oh gosh that was horrible - we threw them in the bin. Each pizza was about 5cm high, piled with the most obscene amount of topping - I'd say the large pizza weighed about 2kg and the family pizza about 4kg. Yuk!! Too much cheese and - for all the mountainous pile of toppings - they were strangely flavorless. Seriously, I've had pizza with a smear of tomato and two ingredients on top that packed more flavour than these plastic bricks. And for those serious about pizza, light on and full of flavour is how they should be. Anyway, if you're a bunch of blokes on the way home from a boozy night out, or if you value quantity over quality, you'll not be disappointed.
  • Andrea - SEFTON PARK - September 2013
  • Always awesome!
  • Becc - September 2013
  • rochelle - PROSPECT - September 2013
  • Christopher - September 2013
  • Never a bad word to say about Uncle Rob and co - the best gluten free pizza in town, and the best value for money too. I love these people.
  • Melinda - August 2013
  • My meal was delivered in a timely manner. It was piping hot, and OMG delicious! Will definitely order from here again!
  • Julia - FERRYDEN PARK - August 2013
  • Hot tasty and prompt, I'll be back
  • Greg - August 2013
  • Melinda - August 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - August 2013
  • Melinda - August 2013
  • Food was good. Arrived virtually at specified time and food was still hot. Appreciated the gluten free option. Only issue was that we ordered a gluten free margherita and a normal brushetta pizza; unfortunately the two pizzas looked very much alike and the gluten free pizza hadnt been labelled in anyway. There was ultimately some concern and confusion before we pulled back the toppings to check the base sauce. We got there in the end, but would have appreciatd a simple 'gf' on the box. Thanks
  • Verity - August 2013
  • Best salad dressing ever! Great quality. Fast delivery. Always a pleasure.
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - August 2013
  • Food arrived hot on time and plenty of it, loved the garlic bread.
  • Greg - August 2013
  • TERRIBLE!! the delivery guy just walks into the house without knocking - lucky my dog didn't eat him. the meat lovers pizza was soo SOGGY & MUSHY...tried to pick up a piece and all of the topping fell off. absolutely disgusting..I read all of the reviews and thought I would give it a try as everyone was raving about Uncle Rob's.... we barely ate a slice each and threw the rest away... waste of money and we were starving!! would not recommend this pizza to anyone - except my worst enemy. DISGUSTING. if I had my choice, I wouldn't even give them a star. YUCK!
  • J - ENFIELD - August 2013
  • bert - BROMPTON - August 2013
  • The Pizza was great, very yummy! The wedges unfortunately were soggy from being hot in a closed container and the snickers cheesecake wasn't cheesecake at all! It was just regular mud cake with slices of snickers in the middle. Besides the pizza being so good I was fairly disappointed. Guess I was really craving actual cheesecake.
  • Abby - July 2013
  • Interstate visitors talk about their pizzas!
  • Garry - PROSPECT - July 2013
  • Once again, I can't say a negative word about these awesome people and their delicious pizza. The pizza was excellent, they delivered it before the smsed delivery time, and my dog doesn't bark at the delivery guy because I've ordered from there so often that we've got to know him quite well.
  • Melinda - July 2013
  • Awesome pizza!
  • Garry - PROSPECT - July 2013
  • I really can't find fault with the quality of the service, food or experience. I think we may have just found our new favourite pizza place - and all with the convenience of online ordering.
  • David - WEST CROYDON - July 2013
  • awesome thanks.
  • cat - PROSPECT - July 2013
  • Pizza took 90 minutes to arrive and was warm. Poor service.
  • Karl - BOWDEN - July 2013
  • Always a winner
  • Garry - PROSPECT - July 2013
  • Yum! The base could be a bit crunchier. But still very good!
  • Alison - CROYDON PARK - July 2013
  • Julia - July 2013
  • Delicious and affordable gluten free pizza with prompt delivery and excellent service. Love, love, love this place for my Friday night pizza.
  • Melinda - July 2013
  • Tasty, hot, reasonable price but a little late, AWFUL NIGHT, heavy rain/wind. I will try again another time
  • Greg - July 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - July 2013
  • a classic order for me because its great.
  • Todd - WOODVILLE SOUTH - June 2013
  • uncle robs pizzas are certainly good and great prices,cant wait till our next pizza night
  • mia - June 2013
  • By far the best service and pizza in Australia. From pepporoni add feta cheese (:
  • Jessica - ST MARYS - June 2013
  • once again great tasting pizza wish i had known of robs pizza years ago,would recomend this pizza place to everyone,one day il order the snitzel and the ribs im sure the will be just as good if not better than the pizzas.
  • mia - June 2013
  • Speedy and delicious. This is my second order from them, and the only complaints that I have relate to using the EatNow app. Uncle Rob is officially my source for GF pizza.
  • Melinda - June 2013
  • Natasha - WOODVILLE PARK - June 2013
  • awesome food and excellent service
  • cat - PROSPECT - June 2013
  • im so glad that robs pizza advertised in eat now because the pizza was so nice heaps of toppings and flavour,we stopped ordering pizza locally as they were all bland,so definetly be ordering again and reccomending to others.keep up the good work.will be ordering again real soon
  • mia - June 2013
  • Super yummy as always!
  • Tanya - WINGFIELD - June 2013
  • Fantastic - the delivery arrived precisely when he said he would, and also had the initiative to call to confirm the name of my street (people often confused Iona for Lona) instead of driving around half the night looking for me (like Chennai Palace did). The pizza was one of the best I've ever had - for a gluten free base, it tasted remarkably unlike cardboard, and was piled high with delicious toppings. Generous, delicious, punctual and affordable - I'll definitely be ordering from Uncle Rob again!
  • Melinda - June 2013
  • Great food. Excellent...quick delivery!!!
  • Ravie - RIDLEYTON - June 2013
  • Been meaning to try the pizza here. Delivery was somewhat late but not fussed about it. Pizza arrived hot, generous toppings (which big fast food chains seem to lack now) and was nice. My bro even commented that it reminded him of the pizza from when we were kids, which is around 10 years back. Parents and siblings enjoyed it so good stuff :)
  • Linna - June 2013
  • cat - PROSPECT - June 2013
  • Probably the greatest delivery pizza in the WORLD!!!! I'm a bit of a massive pizza eater and am still yet to find a pizza better than this one! I've ordered from these guys about 20 times now and have NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED! The supreme is the most ingredient loaded pizza I have ever seen! This is exceptional value and quality. Also these guys love pizza, just have a chat with the fella behind the counter. He is one passionate man!
  • Craig - Ferryden Park - June 2013
  • Great delivered pizza. Not as awesome as rundle st scuzzi pizza (the best in Adelaide) - but imo delivery pizza is the best you can get. Will definitely be my go to home delivery pizza joint
  • Garry - PROSPECT - May 2013
  • Absolutely delicious pizzas. Generous toppings. Very reasonable prices. Must try the Meat lovers pizza, the best ever! Highly recommend. In one word YUM!
  • Tanya - WINGFIELD - May 2013
  • Cheryl - RIDLEYTON - May 2013
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