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Spicy Garden Indian Cuisine

349A Torrens Road, Kilkenny
4:30pm - 10:00pm
4:30pm - 10:00pm
min. delivery
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This restaurant is currently closed, but you can still place your order now for later when it opens.

Authentic Indian cuisine that has a good taste can be hard to find these days, but Spicy Garden Indian Cuisine on Torrens Road in Kilkenny offers Indian fare that includes an extensive amount of options for both vegetarians and chicken enthusiasts. Fall in love all over again with this restaurant's crunchy Tandoori Chicken dish or the succulent Beef Masala. Traditional Indian food with a timeless flavour is in store for you at Spicy Garden Indian Cuisine. Just use our simple online ordering system and have the time of your life!

Sunday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Monday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Thursday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Friday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Saturday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Sunday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Monday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Thursday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Friday 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Saturday 4:30pm to 10:00pm

59 Spicy Garden Indian Cuisine Reviews

  • The food is always great! Unfortunately it was a bit late for delivery as they had a new driver on that night but all is forgiven... a lovely meal
  • - WOODVILLE NORTH - April 2014
  • Well, seems ordering from Spicy Garden is becoming a bit of a habit. Food came 15 mins early, was again piping hot and delicious. The pieces of lamb in the Korma could have been smaller, but that's nitpicking. On the plus side, the pakoras were again truly delicious. Excellent value.
  • - BOWDEN - March 2014
  • 3rd time ordering from Spicy garden and food was 10 mins early, piping hot and scrumptious. Great prices too. Our bellies say yay!
  • - BOWDEN - March 2014
  • Ordered during the week this time, (rather than a weekend) and food came 20 mins early. Very tasty, Portion size was pretty good. Overall great value.
  • - BOWDEN - March 2014
  • Great food, when it finally arrived lol. I'd recommend Spicy Garden with the following caveat; order early.
  • - BOWDEN - March 2014
  • yummy food. always
  • - MORPHETT VALE - March 2014
  • We were very happy with the butter chicken, however I think it lacked rice and vegetables or something?
  • - March 2014
  • We ordered for naan & chicken tika masala & lamb rogan josh. Naan was really soft and tender and beautifully cooked. Rogan josh was nicely cooked too, tika masala was bit oily though. Overall it was good food prepared with care
  • - February 2014
  • Great food, great value...highly recommended
  • - February 2014
  • Very bad quality.. I will not recommend .
  • - WOODVILLE PARK - February 2014
  • Overall was great food, they were busy so food was delivered 20mins late but the fact that it tasted fantastic made up for that!
  • - February 2014
  • The best curries I've ever had, their gravy is amazing on every curry I've had! My favourites are the Rogan Josh and the Beef Madras! Oh and don't forget to try their Chicken Korma too. Lovely service every time and on time delivery.
  • - WOODVILLE - January 2014
  • Great food...great service, highly recommended.
  • - January 2014
  • Food is pretty good, delivery on time as specified in the sms.
  • - ROSEWATER - January 2014
  • The food was average the pick up time was 15 mins late and the restaurant was filthy. Would not recommend.
  • - January 2014
  • Our order was made at 7.30 an SMS said the food would arrive within 45 minutes. The food arrived at 9.25 and when I called at 8.50 was told it would be 10 minutes but arrived more than half an our later. this is not acceptable... If we were told that it would be 2 hours we would have made other arrangements. No one contacted us to advise re the delay. Whilst timing was very disappointing the quality of food was good but I do not think I would use this service again.
  • - CROYDON PARK - December 2013
  • Food was very good best indian in woodville area so far. Only thing was the portions were small. Only half the take away container of curry. Timing was great on time
  • - PENNINGTON - December 2013
  • - DEVON PARK - December 2013
  • Food was pretty good, delivery on time.
  • - ROSEWATER - December 2013
  • Lamb korma was good and delivery on time.
  • - ROSEWATER - November 2013
  • Awesome food, shame about the cricket:)
  • - RENOWN PARK - November 2013
  • Nice food. Loved keema naan
  • - CROYDON PARK - November 2013
  • The food was oily, bland and very spicy, despite requesting mild dishes. The portions were also very small (we counted 7 pieces of chicken drowned in a container full of quite runny butter chicken sauce). We don't mind waiting an hour for delivery if the food is good, but it it wasn't and left us feeling bloated and disappointed.
  • - WEST HINDMARSH - November 2013
  • Good service. The food was good but I found it a little salty.
  • - Croydon - November 2013
  • My arrived on time, food was good as well. Thanks
  • - October 2013
  • Food was great, I had a lamb dish and meat was very tender. I requested extra hot and had a great chilli kick.Serving size is decent too. Delivered within specified time and driver was friendly. This will be my new Indian takeaway shop I recommend you try this place.
  • - ROSEWATER - October 2013
  • Good food but took such a long time to arrived
  • - October 2013
  • Great value for money
  • - GLENELG NORTH - October 2013
  • Very sparse on the meat and not very tasty :(
  • - ALLENBY GARDENS - September 2013
  • Food was good, although way too spicy for our 2yo! Delivered within 45 minutes. No complaints.
  • - ALLENBY GARDENS - September 2013
  • - WOODVILLE GARDENS - September 2013
  • Salty and yuk!!
  • - ALBERTON - September 2013
  • Ok so.....butter chicken was one of the saltiest I have ever tasted. It had 5 bits of chicken in it and the sauce tasted like it had been thickened with flour. Our seven year old commented " Whats wrong with this butter chicken?"Not good. The beef masala was also very salty. It had a similar texture to the butter chicken and the beef was cold. The mixed platter...salty. On the plus side the garlic naans were eaten by everyone. Our bin is full! Oh and it took an hour to cook.
  • - September 2013
  • Food arrived in half an hour rather the estimated 45mins which was great. The driver called my mobile when he arrived, probably because my gate looked locked. We ordered butter chicken, lamb korma and garlic naan bread. Curry was piping hot and tasty with plenty of meat. Naan bread was warm although I did not really taste any garlic and it had red stuff sprinkled on top which I couldn't really figure out since the taste was more like plain naan. Two curries and naan bread was perfect and hit the $25 min order for free delivery so good value. Very satisfied, I would order again.
  • - September 2013
  • Sensational! Best Indian food around@
  • - WOODVILLE NORTH - August 2013
  • Awesome! , the tandoori platter, Is a must
  • - RENOWN PARK - August 2013
  • DELICIOUS! Best Indian I have ever had! Order or 2 mains and 2 entrees was on my doorstep in an hour and a half. Highly recommend!
  • - KILBURN - August 2013
  • Food was okay but the driver went to the wrong house (wrong suburb) and it took three phone calls to get him to realise that. He refused to listen to us that he was in the next suburb over and that we were standing out the front of our house. The first time we ordered they had no problem finding our house, but this driver was very rude about it and blamed us for him going to the wrong place.
  • - BROMPTON - August 2013
  • Delivered quickly, food was very nice. We did get one different dish from what we ordered but it was still nice.
  • - BROMPTON - August 2013
  • EatNow comment: Hi Kimberly, we are very sorry that you didn't receive a dish which you had ordered. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks, EatNow
  • I received an SMS confirmation stating delivery would be in 60mins. 90mins later I have still not received my order. This was my first time using eat now, so I am not sure if the problem is the restaraunt or eat now. I do not expect to get any dinner tonight, and will not be using the service again
  • - BROMPTON - July 2013
  • Took a long time to arrive. But the food was great that was such relief. Thanks
  • Vishal - July 2013
  • Great food , great service, YOU MUST ASK THEM ABOUT THE CRICKET:) or tell them the score! SERIOUSLY THESE GUYS ARE GREAT !
  • Shaun - RENOWN PARK - June 2013
  • Great take away. Very friendly and recognised us after not ordering for 5 months. Food is very nice too :)
  • Craig - Ferryden Park - June 2013
  • Scott - KILBURN - June 2013
  • Great food, mixed platter for 2 is awesome
  • Shaun - RENOWN PARK - May 2013
  • Delivery was speedy, food was tasty and delicious and reasonably priced. Prawns were tiny otherwise it would have got five stars. Thank you
  • Helen - RENOWN PARK - May 2013
  • If you like good quality Indian food, these are you guys, Pretty reasonably priced, great flavours,close you eyes and your there! Our kids love it !! You can tell they take pride in their food.
  • Shaun - RENOWN PARK - May 2013
  • Food was ok. Took an 1 and a half to deliver.
  • George - April 2013
  • Fantastic food, really friendly delivery guy, highly recommend
  • Damien - ALBERTON - March 2013
  • Dan - March 2013
  • Hot spicy, tasty but I should have ordered rice because it was meat in large amounts of sauce/gravy
  • Greg - March 2013
  • Stacey - WEST CROYDON - March 2013
  • Like this place. We ate in there once and it was nothing fancy but the customer service was excellent. Order takeaway from them about 9 months later (this instance) and they remembered who we were! This just goes to show how much they care about their customer. Food was great too. Cheap way to feed a group of people!
  • Craig - Ferryden Park - March 2013
  • Food was beautiful and delivery right on time, will definitely order more
  • Melanie - WOODVILLE NORTH - February 2013
  • The Navrattan Korma was fantastic however the prawns were disappointing. A smile wouldn't go astray when picking up either. Was longer than the 25 minutes advised. Good overall
  • Kerry - February 2013
  • Seekh Kebabs were undercooked and tandoori chicken was dry.
  • George - February 2013
  • Roberta - CROYDON - February 2013
  • Hi, First time we have tried the Spicy Garden. Great Value, all arrived on time,very polite driver and the food was delicious !!! will definately ring again for more Indian takeaway. Sharn Woodville South
  • Sjaan - WOODVILLE - January 2013
  • Fantastic value! Great tasting food and quick easy delivery.
  • Steffi - January 2013
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